Student Relationship Between Teachers And Students Essay example

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Teacher-student relationship has numerous benefits for the teacher and the student in the classroom. There are different types of relationships between the teachers and the students. They include that of being a mentor, being friends or a parental figure. However, in the recent decade, a new type of relationship that is unlawful and illegal has developed. When the connection between the student and the teacher starts being that of more than friends, it disadvantages the student. The teacher-student relationship is a topic that has raised a lot of concern in the past few years. The issue has raised a public concern to many. The topic is of great importance in our contemporary society because there are many cases where teachers are having the sexual relationship with their students. This is because the outcome of the sexual relationships is pregnancy, transmission of diseases like sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, and teacher-student conflicts. A good relationship between the teacher and the students is one that happens within the classroom. The relationships that are outside the classroom are the ones that lead to sexual relationships between the two parties. Therefore, they should be banned. This is because the effect of the relationships leads to low academic performance on the students. The teachers who engage themselves in sexual relationships with their students tend to use acceptable activities such as rewards, mentoring, support, and attention, among others…

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