Student Loans : Should Some Indebtedness Be Forgiven By Robert Applebaum

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In the essay “Student Loans: Should some indebtedness be forgiven” by Robert Applebaum, the author argues that, like the essays name indicates, because the financial burden that student loans have become, after some reasonable repayment period, legislation should forgive excessive student loans. Applebaum points out that education should be a right and not a commodity. He points out that Americans are overpaying for their education and that there is no connection between the salary expected to be paid upon graduation and the tuition paid. He supports this statement by bringing to light that every other industrialized country has already figured out how to pay for higher education for its citizens. Furthermore, the author suggests that the student loans are the latest financial crisis, and as a result of this petition the economy would improve. He argues that this load of student loans in middle-class American’s has a clear correlation with the latest financial crisis. He explains that one of the reasons that the economy is not growing is that middle and working classes are not able to have access to higher education, and that those that do have a higher education and, therefore, have student loans payments to make are not able to afford to buy houses and cars, start business, and invest.
Applebaum compares education to material possessions when he says that, “In America, we treat education as a commodity that benefits only the individual obtaining the education, rather…

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