Student Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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In today’s society, colleges are being faced with a controversial topic on whether or not student-athletes should be paid. Student-athletes and some fans are suggesting that student-athlete’s efforts are profiting colleges, and the student-athletes should be compensated for their hard work. The N.C.A.A. restricts colleges from paying athletes beyond attendance costs (Tracy, Marc, and Ben Strauss). Attendance costs includes financial costs that a scholarship does not; such as, transportation to and from games (Tracy, Marc, and Ben Strauss). Other student-athletes, fans, and members for the N.C.A.A. do not believe student-athletes should be paid beyond their scholarships and attendance costs. Student-athletes should not be compensated because their wages would not be fair, they are students before they are athletes, and most universities are not profiting enough to pay them. …show more content…
Due to football and basketball teams generating more money in revenue for the college, they would be paid more than the other sports teams; such as, volleyball, cheerleading, and soccer (Mendelson, Joel). Depending on what sport a student plays, he/she will be paid a significant amount less with the same amount of effort and devotion. Also, the N.C.A.A. stated that college athletes are amateurs and rewarding them with pay would be professionalizing them (Tracy, Marc, and Ben Strauss). Paying college athletes and giving them a higher status degrades professional sports players, because most athletes join professional teams to be payed for playing a sport. Student-athletes should not be compensated because their wages would not be fair, and the sport should not replace their educational

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