Struggles Of Learning New Languages And Education Essay

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Struggles of learning new languages and education Local refugees coming into Fort Morgan, Colorado have faced many difficulties. Some of these difficulties include education and language. When they immigrate into Fort Morgan they have little to no education and very limited English. When they come to the United States it is hard for them to adjust because of the very diverse environment. There are so many differences between their home and ours. It would be like if we went to Somalia or Kenya, it would be a whole different world. When these refugees come into the United States they don’t know what to think when they see and experience things that they never thought they would. The first Somalis arrived in Fort Morgan in 2005 to feel the place out. A lot of refugees were drawn here for employment at Cargill. The refugees wanted to work at Cargill because it was really good income and they worked with their praying schedule, until recently that is. Morgan county’s goal is to help make the transitions associated with immigration more efficient so that we can all reach our highest potentials. Coming into the United States and starting school would be hard for someone who isn’t used to the routine or daily hours like public schools here do. There are going to be different teachings here than in another country. In Morgan County the superintendent and other of the community leaders have reached some and certain exceptions with the Somali community. Starting an education is…

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