Struggle To Reach The American Dream Essay

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Ashley Gay
Dr. Neilson
English 111-4212
The Struggle to Reach the American Dream
The expenses of things such as school are going up while the salary people are making is staying the same. Growing up my mom and dad each worked one job. My dad was a firefighter and my mom was an accountant. Each parent working one job was enough for me to get through most of my schooling. However, when I reached eleventh grade my dad got a second job as a truck driver to help with the cost of high school and college. Like my dad, many Americans struggle with this issue. Due to the class distinction over the years, it has become harder for workers to reach the benefits they desire.
Machines are making it more difficult for workers to obtain higher paying
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Binyamin Appelbaum, a writer that discusses economics, claims that jobs are being taken away by outsourcing. Appelbaum argues, “They are unhappy to be out of work and eager to find new jobs. They are struggling both with the loss of income and a loss of dignity. Their mental and physical health is suffering” (Vanishing Male). Like many Americans this happened to my aunt. Her job is to do cash applications which means she applies the payments the company receives from venders. She has a specific date on which she will have to leave. Due to this the family will be down to one income which is hard on the family. Being down to one income is hard on a family because money is tight. That means no family vacations, getting nails done, and going to the spa. Also, when people’s jobs get outsourced it hurts their dignity because they are so easily replaced by the company. Also, when people are outsourced by their company it hurts their confidence about doing their job and finding another one. Another example of this is that at my old school when you leave school early there is someone in the office to help you sign out. However, during my last year there when you signed out to leave early there was no one there to tell you what to do. This was because they had put the instructions online to tell you how and what was need to be done when you sign out. This is just one of the things that enable Americans to reach the American …show more content…
Thomas Edsall believes that you need more than just basic schooling to get the job you want. Edsall argues, “The result Cherlin points out, is that a “bachelor’s degree is the closest thing to a class boundary that exists today.” This happened to a family member of mine. She had gone through college and got a bachelor’s degree in nursing but not long after that she went back to get her masters as a registered nurse. She realized that in order to receive the salary she desired that she had to have a higher education. Another person who is a family friend had to go back to school shortly after getting a bachelor in counseling. She went back and got her masters as a counselor as well as a certification that allows her to have a higher paying job. In order for firefighters to get promoted they have to take certain classes and have specific certifications. Due to the demand for higher education I also plan to get my masters and necessary certifications needed to be a speech therapist. Without specific certifications and masters a higher paying job is very difficult to obtain. In order for American to reach the high paying jobs they desire higher education is

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