Stroke Essay

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I. Introduction
II. What is a stroke?
A. Symptoms of a stroke B. Factors leading to strokes

1. Medical conditions that increase your stroke risk
2. Controllable risk factors
3. Uncontrollable risk factors
III. Diagnose and treatment
A. How a stroke is diagnosed
. The status of stroke: Statistical information
B. Treatment steps
C. Preventing another stroke
IV. The effects of a stroke
V. Conclusion


The brain controls our
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Physical inactivity
A sedentary lifestyle void of regular exercise can add - to heart disease, which may lead to stroke. Excessive alcohol intake Illegal drug use

3.Uncontrollable risk factors

Increasing age
Stroke is more common in people over 60. Male sex
Men and women both have strokes, although stroke is more common at younger ages in men. Heredity and ethnicity
Stroke is more common in people whose close relatives have had stroke at an early age. African-Americans and Hispanic Americans are at higher risk than white Americans. This may be due in part to high blood pressure and dietary differences.

III. Diagnose and treatment (internet no1-5)

A. How a Stroke is diagnosed?

If you have had a stroke, or have had stroke warning signs or risk factors, it is very important to seek immediate medical attention. Your doctor will work with you to find the cause of your problem and determine the best treatment. Even if your symptoms resolve without treatment, you should still discuss them with your doctor. Don't assume that a problem is unimportant if it goes away on its own. Never try to make a diagnosis by yourself.(internet no 1)
The first step in understanding your problem is to

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