Stress : Stress And Stress Essay

2030 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
Stress, what is stress? As defined in Chapter 2 (Psychological Disorders, Therapy, and Lifestyle Change/2.9 Stress and Health), stress is not just a stimulus or a response, stress is the process by which we appraise and cope with environmental threats and challenges. It is our decision on how much we allow stress to affect us. If a person’s car gets hit by a stray rock while driving, some would not encounter any stress and continue driving; others will worry about the incident and become distressed. I believe stress is an interesting topic of study for psychologists because stress causes negative effects in humans as well as animals, and stress is always relevant. Even though over time, the things that cause our stress change, stress, however never goes completely away. High stress levels have impacted my life negatively over the years, from a toxic work environment, marital issues, and going back to college. I have noticed an increase in my day to day stress, but I have learned that stress can and should be managed.
There are great sources that shed light on stress and how it affects us. In the study, “Stress Changes How People Make Decisions,” researchers have found that when people are put under stress, they start paying more attention to positive information and discounting negative information. People tend to focus on the less stressful decision rather than weigh all options evenly. Thinking back on stressful situations in my life, I would choose the decision that was…

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