Stress And Its Effects On Stress Essay

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The term “stress”, was invented by Hans Selye ( the “Father” of the field of stress research ) in 1936. The definition of stress varies from person to person and time to time. “Stress can be defined as our response to events that disrupt, or threaten to disrupt, our physical or psychological functioning” (Lazarus and Folkman, 1948; Taylor, 1999). Stress is either physical or mental and generally caused by external stimuli called “stressor”. It can also be defined as events or situations in our environment that causes stress (Robert A. Baron). Interesting feature of stress is that the different or variety of reaction or response of people to a same or particular event. For instance, some students might find test or quizzes stressful while others might not or even find it as a piece of cake. We use or hear the word “stress” very commonly in our everyday life and most of us usually assume it as some kind of pressure, frustration or negative situation. But not every stress is bad. “Eustress” in psychology is used to describe the positive features of stress. Some examples of Eustress would be starting a new job, marriage, having a child, buying a home, receiving promotion at work etc. This type of stress motivates and focuses energy towards our goal. “Distress” is used to describe the negative feature of stress such as death of a family member, unemployment, injury or illness, legal problems, filling a divorce etc. Distress causes anxiety or concern and can also lead to…

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