Analysis Of The Articles Of Confederation

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The United States was able to defeat the British and become their own country. The important political role players stated that the country needed a document that represented the ideals and laws that this new country was to follow and enforce. Since they were a new country this was the first attempt to establish the functionality of the government. Congress felt,” Following the Declaration of Independence, the members of the Continental Congress realized it would be necessary to set up a national government.” (“Articles of Confederation”, 2015) The strength of the Articles of Confederation is that it was a start to having a centralized government and it prevented states from dictating their own foreign policy. It showed that the United States …show more content…
As Keene states,” Without the power to tax or coerce states to follow the treaties it had negotiated, the Confederation Congress could not resolve the nation’s economic problems and diplomatic issues.” (Keene, Cornell, O’Donnell 138) Since each state had essentially the power to run certain political and economic issues the way that the state officials saw fit could have created a large amount of problems. Since the states were essentially countries of their own they could choose to not do business with other states in the same country.
One problem that could have come to light was that the states were allowed to have their own currency. This would be a large problem since each state was able to regulate their own currency they could essentially deem another states currency worthless and potentially causing friction within the states. This could create a headache for some of the people in the country. For example, if a traveling merchant is going from Maine to Virginia and he needs to make money to get to where he needs to end up the money that he makes along the way may be simply paper that is not valid in another
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This pleased the larger states that had larger populations that felt that they had more say in political terms since they were bigger. Where the Senate would have an equal amount of representatives from every state no matter what the size of the population was. This made the smaller states happy. With each state agreeing this helped the process of drafting the Constitution. So in the end Roger Sherman’s plan worked for every state. Without the Roger Sherman’s thinking and making the states compromise there may have not been a

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