Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Author 's Arguments Essay

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What are the strengths/weaknesses of the author’s arguments? The author’s greatest strength in my opinion is how he used the cases of David and Marie and other child abuse and neglect cases to assist his arguments. He broke down the cases so they were more tangible for the reader to understand and gave valid reasons why there are problems with family preservations. However, the only issue I did find with the book itself was how it was laid out. Even though Gelles easily broke down David and Marie’s cases, he would alternate between their cases and often I felt it was a little choppy and slightly confusing at times. Another strength I found most beneficial was that he claimed to not know all the answers to resolve the child welfare system and only suggested how he thought it should be improved. I believe what weakens his arguments are the fact that he never claims that his ideas and suggestions will solely address the presenting problems. Overall, I found that his arguments were insightful and gave me a clear idea of his beliefs and his understanding of child protection services.
What aspects of the author’s arguments do you agree with and with which do you disagree? Gelles makes an interesting argument on how family preservation cannot be applied to every case when neglect or abuse is involved with a child. Popple & Vecchiolla (2007) claims that in today’s society, the child welfare is continuing to establish home-based and family-centered services that match assessment…

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