Strengths And Weaknesses Of Different Individuals, Biological, Psychological, And Social Factors

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This essay will consider the uniqueness in strengths and weaknesses of different individuals, Biological, Psychological, and Social circumstances, impacting upon their mental health. It is known that many contributory factors relate to the onset of mental illness, ranging from biological, psychological, and social causes. The claim that every individual is unique is reflected through formulations of treatment and care approaches for the individual’s unique issue. All of life’s problems, whether the myriad of addictions, depression, dementia, emotional trauma and a variety of other mental health conditions all require carefully planned treatment and care, specifically designed for the individuals’ needs and consequent recovery. ***
An important model that considers the Biological, Social and Psychological factors affecting an individual’s mental health and well-being is Engels biopsychosocial model (Engel, 20???)**Engel’s biopsychosocial theory suggests biological, psychological and social factors are responsible for all types of psychological distress or factors affecting a person’s well-being. Interdependency also exists between these three factors.

This interdependent framework illustrates no single factor i.e. biological, social, or psychological, can be wholly responsible as a single cause of mental or ill-health. By changing one factor, this can impact upon other factors. e.g. by changing a person’s social circumstances, may lead to psychologic or further, biological…

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