Strengths And Weaknesses Of An Organization Essay

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Any organization might be clear about what’s they are going to do in future , that is they may be clear about the vision of their future, but not all companies or organizations have given a serious thoughts about the various options they have available.
Strategy is a combination of thoughts or concepts that helps an organization’s use of its resources to continue its Mission – it suggests how to use your resources which are human, physical, and financial and knowledge resources to carry out your mission.
A strategy helps you think about the challenges and problems you are trying to solve, different types of difficulties and opportunities that are present in the world you are living and working. And also about the weaknesses and strengths of your organisation. And then you might make your mind that the best way to work is that you involve all the members of the community or you might give preference to involve only few people with particular skills. Also weather you should try to involve the government or it is the last thing you want. You might decide to be self- reliant but then again you might decide to seek funds from outside the community. These all are nothing but different types of strategies to achieve your vision and implement your vision.
A strategy which is agreed clearly also allows your company to avoid activities that :
 Require more funds, time, skills, or manpower that available.
 Will not give outcomes because of any external constraints.
 Will have…

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