Strengths And Values In Education

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Additionally, students must have the ability to think on higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Simply retaining information will not solve the problems in our society today. Students need to learn how to think on higher levels while in school. This way, students will be accustomed to thinking deeply and meaningfully by the time they are old enough to be an active member of society. The ideals of social reconstructionism can be connected to this role because a social reconstructionist is interested in advocating for social change. Students must learn how to think critically in order to see new ideas that would could generate success in our society.
If a child is struggling in school, it is most likely because a part of their educational experience
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In the jobs I have now, such as babysitting, I am a facilitator for learning. I encourage learning and I help children with it. I value my role as a teacher in a child’s developmental live. I also believe that I encourage individuality. I do not believe that is is beneficial for individuals to think like the individuals surrounding them. If everyone creates their own ideas, it will be extremely beneficial for our society. Understanding the importance for individuality begins in the individual’s education. Using my strengths and values will help with this concept.
My goal is to become an elementary teacher. With elementary students, I need to teach basic skills and life skills. My students will need to understand the basic knowledge as well as morals and values in society. Pragmatism focuses on these content areas. As a pragmatist, my students will learn skills necessary for their achievement in their future. Students will learn how to be an active citizen in society by learning what is expected of them in their daily
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The students in this group are low achieving in math because they struggle with the fundamentals. The lesson will specifically focus on multiplication and division facts by using fact families. The goal of this lesson is to create an interactive lesson that will help the students that are struggling to meet the standards of achievement within the school, state and country. Ideally, the lesson plan is directed to help these particular students focus on their areas of difficulty. If the students begin to master these areas of fundamentals, they can catch up quicker with the rest of the students in the classroom. Creating differentiated instruction for these students is pertinent to their success. Lesson plans that are directed towards certain groups of students may be necessary in situations where certain students are falling behind. This lesson plan involves some direct instruction. However, it mainly utilizes collaboration with group work. The teacher will begin the lesson by writing out multiplication and division problems. The students will do their best to answer each problem correctly. If they are unable to do so, the teacher will assist

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