Street Gangs And Its Effects On The Economy And Safety Of Citizens Of The Country

1843 Words May 19th, 2016 8 Pages
Street gangs in America are a major nuisance to the economy and safety of citizens of the country. Gangs can illegally sell firearms and pharmaceuticals at a lower cost or higher cost for profit to anybody throughout the country wanting to buy them, immensely hurting the firearm and pharmaceutical industries and any other industries connected to them. Some gangs also commit heinous crimes ranging from burglary to murder and even human trafficking. The U.S. government has many programs and reforms in place to try and decrease gang activity, although much of the time they do not do enough to stop them, if any progress is made at all. The main causes as to why street gangs in America are so abundant and large are widespread poverty and unemployment, misconceptions about what it’s like to be a part of a gang, and the easy access to illegal or prescription drugs and firearms across the world. One of the most commonly told myths about being in a gang is a gang member makes easy, quick money without having to break any laws, when even just being in a gang could be considered illegal (STARK, 9). Street gangs are also rumored to be a sort of brotherhood or sisterhood between the members and leaders (STARK, 9). Typically, in most gangs, very few of the members ever even meet the leaders or their next in command (STARK, 10). Many misled people also believe that being a gang member means having constant safety provided by other members at any given time or place (HILE, 7).…

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