Street Car Named Desire Tragedy Analysis

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Street Car Named Desire is 1951 drama film, a modification of Tennessee William’s 1947 play with the same name. It’s a story of Blanche Dubois, who after several courses of social ups and downs, tries to find her sage with her sister and brother-in-law living at a low income apartment building in New Orleans. But ultimately, she fails to build an emotional stability for herself. This script is a perfect sequence of tragedy full of emotions and drama comprised of violence, witty and poetic dialogue, and effective protagonists with predictable backgrounds. First let’s talk about the title of the screenplay, Street Car Named Desire. Blanche Dubois takes an actual street car named “desire” to reach her way to her sister’s home, and also the streetcar has been …show more content…
I interesting the way emotions behind this story can be connected from our own life. While reading this screenplay, we seriously want this tragedy to end at some point, no matter how; and by the end we are so emotionally wounded that, we as readers urge for a conclusion for our own emotional stability and it happens. The ending to A Streetcar Named Desire is all about cruel and tragic irony. Blanche is forced to go to a mental institution, due to her detachment from reality and living in illusion. Blanche’s final and most famous words as she leaves, tells a lot about her extreme emotional disturbance, she says, “ whoever you are- I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers.”(Williams, pg 102) The saddest part of this tragedy is, what Blanche admires as kindness is lust and desire not the love she wanted in her life. It’s a one of the perfect tragic ending in terms of cruelty and emotional

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