Stray Dogs

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Dogs have become man 's best friend and a great companion long time ago. Dog (Canis familiaris) has accompanied Human beings all over the world since its domestication 15,000 years ago, today it is the most generous and loving caring animal on earth with a great impact on the environment. They have been helping us with animals herd on a farm, and some of them serve as watchdogs, playful family pets. Dogs have been trained as guard dogs in peacetime by the U.S. Army and other military services. Law enforcement agencies rely depend on the dog each and every day to day the live dog is a very important to them. Canis familiaris are grouped into three distinct that overlapping groups which are
Domestic dogs- these dogs stay
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In rare cases, stray dogs will join coyote packs. Wolves are less liberal, of dogs and will likely kill a stray that enters the pack territory. Stray dogs live on the outskirts of humanity and are so mistrustful of humans. Stray dogs live within a city anywhere they can find a place they are like other animals, they enjoy been in the dry and safe in a quiet environment. These canines have been known to crawl into drain pipes and sewers to find adequate living space. These dogs are carnivorous, they eat almost anything a human might eat e.g. vegetables, candy, fruit, or fast food. The most important factor in the diet is the smell of the item. A sweet-smelling bowl of sugared fruit will be more exciting to them than garden-fresh vegetables .When desperate, stray dogs will often eat plastic containers that smell like food. A stray dog affected by the Rabies disease the symptoms include unsteady gait and irregular eye movements. An excess of saliva may be visible around the lips stray dog can carry brucella. ("Stray dog information & facts," …show more content…
Over half of all families in America own at least one pet (Sable, 1995). Many dog owners do not consider their dog to be just a pet they considered to be a member of the family. Dogs have been a necessary part of life for humans throughout history. Ancient people found human-animal relationships important for survival (National Institute of Health, 1987). Dogs are just as important today as they were years ago. Today dogs benefit everyone from children to the elderly. Dogs benefit their owners psychologically, physically and

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