Strategy Recommendation Essay

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Every day more people are moving into the 21st century and using the new technology that is available to them. People are leading busy lives and looking to get more done and if they can find ways to help them make it easier then they will try it. Taking college courses online is a very convenient option people have and more people sign up for the classes every year. An article written by Zephry Teachout Will the Web Kill Colleges? questions the online learning and looks into the future it.

“This year may be part of the last generation for which going to college means packing up, getting a dorm room and listening to tenured professors.” Teachout (2009) More of the brick and mortar schools may be affected more than the Ivy League
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However I do not think that it’s from solely from online classes. One of my questions for Teachout would be where the data and statistics are that shows that enrollment is down because students are taking classes online? What are the tuition costs for the classes at the campus versus the online classes? What would be the savings for the college if they paid some staff members to teach online classes, versus paying tenured staff on site classes? Teachout is concerned that overtime the syllabus will become generic and that the teachers will almost be like robots and teach the exact same class. Where is he getting this information from? Can he show me an example of two different colleges and same class with the same syllabus?
Teachout argues that the state colleges and universities could be affected by a reduction in enrollment and this could cause them to close. The colleges have seen a drastic decrease in enrollment due to the recession with its increases in tuition rates. More students are not able to afford the rates, and are now having to work two jobs to support their family. Having an online class option gives the student an option to attend class where they can fit it into their schedule. The colleges that do not offer online classes now would be wise to look into offering it to increase enrollment and give another option. This could also help keep staff on board and also hire more staff at the same time.

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