Essay about Strategic Supply Of Supply Chain Management

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A highly skilled, analytical, strategic Supply Chain and Operations specialist with a 15 year history of accomplished transformation successes in multiple MNC and ASX listed companies. Experience a variety of industry sectors including resources, defence, manufacturing, wholesale and retail spanning FMCG to capital acquisitions. A technical specialist in end to end supply management with strong emphasis on delivering optimised working capital solutions and category sourcing alignment to meet business outcomes.
Coupled with diverse experience, is a comprehensive supply and logistics education gained through a Bachelors Degree, an Advanced Diploma in Supply Chain Management and ongoing study to obtain Masters of Supply Chain Management. The wide range of systems and work environments in which I have operated is a demonstration that my skills and experience are transportable to many different industry sectors and can be effectively applied wherever they are needed.
Outstanding communication talents at all levels with proven ability to build and lead highly efficient teams and convey complex concepts in understandable terms, which is aided by a charismatic, energetic and participative leadership style.
Senior Specialist, Group Supply Chain - Operations – MMG Limited Nov 12 - Current
Core responsibility to strategically standardise, optimise and sustain group supply operations across sites spanning 5 continents. Establishment and…

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