Strategic Planning : An Organization Essay

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Strategic planning is imperative in an organization. Strategic planning is a process of defining the organizational strategy and providing a direction. Through the strategic planning process, it is easy to make decisions on how the resources in an organization will be used. Strategic planning also provides guidelines on how the process of strategic implementation will be implemented. The strategic planning is mainly determined by resources available in the company and the priorities that the company has. Strategic planning involves different models such as the basic model, issue-based model, alignment, scenario model and the self-organizing model. No one size fits in strategic planning, and it is, therefore, advisable for an organization to select the model that fits its size as well as the scenario at hand. The paper will lay a focus on the basic strategic planning model.
The basic model is a very simple model that applies to any organization. It is mainly used by organizations that are small, and they do not have a lot of experience in strategic planning. It is a model that is very useful to organizations that do not have a lot of time to spend on strategic planning. The basic planning model is mainly applicable when the organization wants to gain experience in the strategic planning process and get used to it (Bush, 2016). However, the main features of the basic planning model are outlined below.
The process starts with the identification of the purpose of the…

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