Essay about Strategic Management and Time-based Strategies

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Tricia Acosta
BUM 4013 (01)
Production and Operations Management
Discussion and Review Questions

1.From time to time, various groups clamor for import restrictions or tariffs on foreign-produced goods, particularly automobiles. How might these be helpful? Harmful?
It helps the country receiving tax monetarily, allows state to flourish internally, and more costly for exporters.
2. List the key ways that organizations compete.
a. Product and service design
b. Cost
c. Location
d. Quality
e. Quick response
f. Flexibility
g. Inventory management
h. Supply chain management
i. Service
j. Managers and workers
3. Explain the importance of identifying and differentiating order qualifiers and order winners.
Order qualifiers
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Time-based strategies focus on reducing the time needed to conduct the various activities in a process. Example given are planning time, product/service design time and processing time.
9. Productivity should be a concern of every business organization.
a. How is productivity defined?
A measure of the efficiency of a person, machine, factory, system, etc., in converting inputs into useful outputs.
b. How are productivity measured used?
Productivity = Output/Input
c. Why is productivity important?
Productivity is a critical determinant of cost efficiency.
d. What part of the organization has primary responsibility for productivity?
Operation manager is primary responsible is to achieve the productive use of organizational resources.
e. How is efficiency different from productivity?
Productivity is based on how much is produced in a certain amount of time.
Efficiency is based on materials spent in production. The lesser time, energy materials etc. used to produce the product is higher efficiency.
10. List some factors that can affect productivity and some ways that productivity can be improved?
Factors that affect productivity:
a. Labor turnover has a negative effect on productivity; replacements need time to get up to speed.
b. Design of the workspace can impact productivity. Having tools and other work items within easy reach can positively impact productivity.
c. Incentive plans that reward productivity

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