Summary Of The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin

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The Story of an Hour

The Story of an Hour written by Kate Chopin describes more than an hour of Louise Mallard’s life. “The story is narrated by third-person who is not present in the story” (Berenji, 2012). It gives you a glimpse of her entire life in an hour and what she has dreamed her future would be like without her husband Brently. Louise Mallard, who is she? Some would say she is an extremely fragile and ill woman who learns of her husband’s sudden tragic death. She locks herself in her bedroom to mourn alone and dream about how life would be without her husband. But, in that same hour she would learn that her husband is not dead, which then lead to her own demise.

The story about Louise Mallard tells of her life through her eyes,
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The story talks about events that presumably happened in Louise Mallard’s life in one hour. Louise’s story actually depicts more than an hour of her life. The first thing I learned about Louise was her heart condition. For instance, Louise heart problem seems to be a physical and mental representation of her unhappiness in her marriage and longing to be free. So, telling someone like Louise that her husband Brently is dead would be devastating to someone with heart problems, it could cause that person to die, but she does not die, she begins to weep uncontrollably. During this period Louise heart seem to be stronger than ever. Though Louise loved her husband, Louise thought with her husband dead, she would be free from his chains. “Some critical interpretations depict Louise's awakening to her new freedom as a widow as a rejection of the status quo, a similarity to Chopin's Edna Pontellier in The Awakening” (Diederich, 2012). Louise reveals that both men and women tend to lose part of themselves when they become dependent on each other. Louise cried because of the loss of her husband Brently is a natural reaction to the loss of a love one. No one never suspected Louise was crying for any other reason, but for Brently’s death. Alone in her room, her heart races, and her entire body felt warm. She spreads her arms open, figuratively relating to her new life. Louise’s …show more content…
Louise died of overwhelming joy is ironic because it had been the loss of joy that had actually killed her. Indeed, Louise seems to have died of a broken heart, caused by the sudden loss of her much-loved independence.


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