stop and frisk Essay

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We live in world where police officers are suppose to be protected and help us out when needed. The reality of it is police officers are out here on the beat violating are constitutional rights. Stop and frisk was to help fight crime on the streets but all it caused was racial profiling by officers everyday for the last twelve years. Stop and frisk has been used and abused and young adults are afraid to leave their house because they know they will be harassed for no good reason. Stop and frisk has caused a war between the officers and people no one feels confortable going up to an officer for help because of pervious encounters because of stop and frisks. Why has this been going on for so long and when will it change? The meaning of …show more content…
The first big case that caused the supreme court to allow officers to authorize a search and seizure that not even a magistrate would not possess due to a case Terry v Ohio in December 12,1967 “The Petitioner, John W. Terry (the “Petitioner”), was stopped and searched by an officer after the officer observed the Petitioner seemingly casing a store for a potential robbery. The officer approached the Petitioner for questioning and decided to search him first.” (Casebrief) The officer choose to do a quick search after approaching the three men that where involved and he found two revolvers, these men where taken in and the Supreme Court denied their appeals. This cases shows why stop and frisk went into affect to prevent people from breaking the peace in comminutes. Over the years it has changed into being racial stops and innocent people have been stop. In my opinion I feel as though stop and frisk started out with the right intentions and if there is something odd standing out a cop should have the right to question it an protect the people. During my research I learned that stop and frisk is a current event in New York and the Mayor is trying to fix things. The article I read had a lot of information that stood out to me and I thought was very interesting. This article is about “The move by the Law Department, which will officially be taken in legal papers expected to be filed by Monday, fulfills a

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