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Amanda Bullock
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Stick Figure
Stick Figure by Lori Gottlieb is a first person account of a young girl and her battle with anorexia nervosa. The book is composed of diary entries from when Lori was a young girl, at age eleven. By seeing her personal thoughts and stories from the time when she was battling this disorder gives us a very close look at what drove her obsession with being thin: mainly her mother and peers, who were also obsessed with looking “perfect”. In Stick Figure, we follow Lori all the way from the first time she begins to think she should diet through her eventual hospitalization for the eating disorder. There are many tell-tale signs of the disorder viewed along the way, which are
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Lori is surrounded by women, many of which who she looks up to, that are obsessed with being thin and beautiful. Lori's mother is also a major offender of this, telling Lori she must wear make-up when going to “boy-girl” parties to look her best (Gottlieb, 32).
The first meal Lori tries to skip is while her family is on vacation in Washington, D.C. The family is getting lunch at a restaurant. Lori tries to not eat anything, especially when her mother doesn't do more than pick at her own meal (Gottlieb 61). Although her parents force her to eat, this decision to not eat meals sticks in her mind. Throughout the rest of the trip, she avoids eating when she can, and makes self conscious statements about herself such as “my legs looked kind of fat when they were uncrossed” (Gottlieb, 62). On the families return home, Lori's parents call the local pediatrician to try and make Lori eat. This just fuels her obsession with wanting to be thinner, and eventually leads to the decision by her doctors to hospitalize her.
While hospitalized, Lori still finds ways to skip meals, tricking the nurses who are supposed to make sure she finishes at least 75% of her food. “ … [the nurse] was too tired to think, so she asked me to tell her how much 75% was. … 'It's half,' I lied, so Elizabeth wrote in the chart that I ate a little under 75% of my breakfast” (Gottlieb 155). It is not until Lori is threatened to be given what she calls “The Tube”, that she begins to eat, and it is not

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