Reflective Essay: My Adult Learning

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My Adult Learning Personal Mission Essay
The Adult Learner course offered by Siena Heights University has given me the tools that I’ve lacked and needed to grow as an adult learner. Prior to beginning this semester and this course, I had been out of the college learning experience for quite a few years. This course has made it possible for me to transition back into the learning mindset by helping me develop many new learning skills and techniques. The Adrian Dominican mission combined with many of the principles taught in this course have helped me develop my mission to become the most competent and purposeful person that I can be. By assessing my learning style, I have found that I am a naturalistic, visual spastic learner and do my best
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Covey lists several areas that an individual might prioritize most highly in his/her life, which he refers to as “centers”. By understanding each of the different “centers” mentioned within this text, we are then able to figure out our own personal mission and what matters the most to us. It is up to us, to realize and understand what our priorities are in this life, and weed out the unnecessary. This is great tool to figure out what principles we want our lives to be centered around. We all spend more time than we would like to admit worrying and wasting energy on things that in the overall picture may not even have any priority in our lives. Covey states that the different “centers” we all have in our lives are: Family, Spouse, Friend/ Enemy, Church, Work, Money, Possessions, Pleasure, and Self. We must decipher how much each of these areas weigh on us and how we can prioritize better within each of them. It is easy for us to become overly dependent on any one of these “centers”, which ultimately could be causing us more harm than good. If we dedicate too much time and effort to one, other areas in our lives will suffer. We must learn to be able to balance the areas in our lives in which matter the most to us. “If we center our lives on correct principles, we create a solid foundation for all the other areas of our life” (Covey, 2014). I came to the realization after this lesson that I …show more content…
Many of the daily discussions and assignments required me to really take a step back and see things from many different perspectives, not just a one-track mind. This has also reopened my mind up to being more creative. Creativity is commonly defined as the use of imagination or original ideas to produce something new, unique, and potentially valuable. As Ken Robinson mentions in his TED speech, "creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status" (Robinson, 2006). Unfortunately, we treat creativity sometimes negatively. To be creative, you cannot be afraid to fail or be wrong. Most children have no fear when it comes to being wrong, then are slowly conditioned through the education system that being wrong is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Having a fear of being wrong totally takes one out of their creativity realm. Most people are not truly able to find their own talents and skills through education but rather through exploring themselves, on their own time. This process of having a more open mind to new concepts and ideas has allowed me to shift my once thought to be permanent views on certain issues I once saw in only one light, or as one might consider having a ‘paradigm

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