Steve Jobs Essay

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The qualities of a good leader are innovative leader, highly resourceful, open to change, and a good communicator. Innovative leader is who thinks “outside the box” and seeks to implement creativity and leadership within its field of business. Highly resourceful meaning utilizing the tools that is available and find out by asking questions. A leader must create access to information. Open to change by having the leader taking into account all points of view and be willing to change a policy, program, and cultural tradition that are no longer beneficial to the group. A good communicator that listens to his team members, by asking questions, consider all options, and leads in the right direction. (Holden Leadership Center 2009) …show more content…
The good leader will inspire his followers. The most effective leadership is to help others feel they are working from their own initiative. Confidence and belief are essential for leadership. When in doubt, a leader must maintain a clear vision in direction he wants to go. A good leader needs strength and patience to ignore criticism. It’s best to ignore the ego and change course if events prove different expectations. As a leader who learns from his mistakes. As this leader is constantly learning and improving, it enables him to create blueprints of different strategies. Lastly, sacrificing our personal comforts and desires and putting the interests of people first. If we get intact with our own affairs, it is highly unlikely to a true and powerful leader. (Pettinger 2008) Most of the programs that are offered in Seneca College are to help understand, analyze, and describe behaviour in organization. In behaviour qualities of good organization, Seneca utilizes student’s aspects of learning in interpersonal abilities, effective communication, teamwork skills, diversity sensitivity, and leadership. An interpersonal ability in psychology offers students to be openness to experience and consciousness to interactional approach. Seneca ensure that students are able to use effective communication in presentations so it can improve their correct tone and manner when speaking in the particular field of business. Teamwork

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