Steve Jobs Informative Essay

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Outline for Informative Speech
Topic: Steve Jobs
General Purpose: To Inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the life of Steve Jobs
Thesis: Technology would never be the same ever since the arrival of the great Steve Jobs. * Introduction
Attention Getter: In 1984 the first cd play or “Walk-man” was released. The first laptop came out in 1982 and cost a mere $8,150 which comes out to $19,630 today. In 2001 the first smartphone was released. All of these devices since have been outdated and updated. And the company that runs them all is Apple Co. And Apple would not be where it is if not for the mastermind behind it all, Steve Jobs
Significance: Almost everyone, everywhere either own or have owned an IPod, IPhone, or
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They first came out with the Apple I
The computer first listed at $700.00 a piece
It made the company $774,000
3 years after the release of Apple II their sales increase 700%
This made Apple worth $139 million.
In 1980, Apple became a publically traded company with a value of $1.2 billion on the first day of trade.
After this, Apple would come out with a couple of failures and lose popularity to IBM CO.
The Apple board began to think Jobs was hurting apple and phased him out * Transition: Jobs was not always an Apple man, but opened multiple Big named companies we all know about.
Body 4
In 1985, Jobs stepped down as Apple’s CEO to begin a new hardware and software company called NeXT Inc.
The next following years NeXT grew and Jobs bought out an animation studio called Pixar.
Jobs had high faith in Pixar so he invested $50 million of his own money in it.
Pixar released very popular movies such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles
Pixar’s films netted $4 billion
In 2006 the studio merged with Walt Disney, making Steve Jobs Disney’s largest shareholder.
Apple then bought out NeXT in 1997 for $429 million
That same year Jobs returned to his post as Apple’s CEO
Jobs then put apple back on top
With a new management team and altered stock options and only taking an annual salary of $1
Also coming out with new devices,

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