Steve Jobs ' Commencement Speech Essay

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“Steve Jobs’ Commencement Speech”
Steve Jobs is an entrepreneur who has paved the path for his own success. He has revolutionized technology and the way people currently use, or even view it through a modern lens. Steve Jobs comes from humble beginnings where money was never the focus of his life, yet it was foretold that he would have college paid for in order to achieve greater pay. When a student reads his commencement speech, he appears to have the well-being of the students’ in mind. College students’ want the ability to research the topics they want and take the classes they have the best interest or can gain the most from. Steve’s purpose is to persuade the audience to better understand life and the way they think they view it; he does this by reflecting himself in what he says and how he presents it. He gives interesting perspectives on what people think they know and how they could possibly change for the better. Ethos is one of the least included appeals included in Steve Job’s speech. What is known about Steve prior to him giving this speech is that he is an extremely well-known CEO of the company Apple Inc. However, the reason to believe what he is saying stems from his assumed credibility as a CEO, rather than citing sources, quoting or even including factual evidence for his speech. Although no part of what he states requires any of the aforementioned techniques. He is reflecting his own, personal experiences and giving knowledge to the students of…

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