Stereotyping Is Alive And Functioning Well Essay

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Stereotypes in the Society
In the U.S, stereotyping is alive and functioning well. A stereotype is a widely held fixed and a simplified idea or image of a given type of a person or a thing. It has been rampant in the country and it has a negative impact. Stereotyping occurs when people judge others based on their gender, their job, their cultural, religious or ethnic background. It has resulted in unfair discrimination of people in the country. People also miss important aspects of the people they stereotype (Inzlicht et al., 230). Through stereotyping, people are not able to achieve their full potential and the country 's social development slows down. There are many suggestions that have been placed forward in an effort to end stereotyping, but they have proven to be inapplicable in some cases. However, stereotyping should be eliminated from the society, as this will improve the lives of the minorities. Stereotyping has existed for a long time and although there are people who argue that some people are likely to behave in a certain way, they end up being proven wrong and this makes it necessary to give everyone a chance to live without placing conditions through stereotyping.
Stereotypes have posed a significant problem to our society. It has placed expectations on how a person should live or act depending on their gender, race, personality and other factors. This has affected the individuals who want to engage in other activities apart from which they are expected to…

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