Essay Stereotyping As A Way Of Raising Our Children

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Stereotyping as a way of raising our children.

We are all born as equal human beings, we all start from the same point zero. That’s until the gender is announced and the shower of blue and toy truck follow or the shower of pink and toy baby comes at you. It seems to me that, stereotyping is a substantial part of growing up.
Some stereotyping messages and gender roles are imposed on young minds by the way the manufacturers and marketers suggest gender-based interests, by the way, media maintain and shape gender specific roles and by the way society is constantly molding your confidence in your own capabilities.

A child’s interests and the opportunity to discover new talents and abilities are greatly limited depending on a gender. Cordelia Fine makes a great point in her article titled “Why Are Toys So Gendered?”, she argues: “Toys for boys facilitate competition, control, agency, and dominance; those for girls promote cooperation and nurturance (p 7).” The girl’s future is lead into a narrow path of learning new skills. The way stores and marketing are presenting toy sections is imposing what her interests should be like she should be playing a nurse and take care of a baby doll and not building an airplane model because it is a boy thing to do, and it is placed in boy toy section. The boy should be playing with construction trucks and not with a kitchen set because it is a girl thing to do, and…

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