Stereotypes In A Maid In Manhatman

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Nothing better than watching a typical Cinderella story about a maid who falls in love with a wealthy person, unless the movie is filled with stereotypes. When watching a Maid in Manhattan, you first see a maid that falls in-love with a wealthy man, but as you continue to watch and think about the details of the characters you start to see all the stereotypes that make the movie so entertaining. Before getting to in depth of analysis of the movie, let first ask ourselves ‘What is a Stereotype?’ While reading through different definitions of stereotypes, I found one that seems the most explicit. On the dictionary website,, it states under the sociological definition that a stereotype is, “a simplified and standardized conception or image invested with special meaning and held in common by members of a group” (“Stereotype”). When reading this definition, stereotypes don’t seem so bad. Yet when thinking about how other people are stereotype others, you think of a judgement based on a person, by a person, that places him/her in a group based on his/her …show more content…
The receptionist noticed that she was only a maid so she continued to talk to someone on the phone, which was not related to work. Marisa had to hang up the phone for her get any attention and then went to tell her off that she needed to, “Start to serve your low-end customers, because after all that is the reason you are here. Unless we are not good enough for your serves” (Maid). Marisa points out a stereotype in her working industry. Since maids services are the more dirty work, maids are thought to be the lowest of the working status. This stereotype put this image in the audience 's mind that all people high the statuses than them will teach them with disrespect because of their job, but that doesn’t mean that all people in high statuses will act like

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