Essay on Stereotypes Are A Big Part Of Our Society

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Stereotypical Humor
Stereotypes are a big part of our society. We tend to judge people by how they look and their external appearance. Stereotypes are so common in today’s society that it is safe to say that it happens every day. A lot of people may think that they are stereotyped free, but it is certainly true they have experience stereotypes at one point of their life in some form. In turkey in the Kitchen. Dave Barry points out our unawareness of stereotypes by using humor, mocking himself, making strong allegations and using a lot of figurative language. To begin with, Barry’s entire essay is very humoristic. He uses it to touch very controversial subjects like stereotypes that normally people do not talk. Barry states that “Nobody wants to engage in human sexual activity with somebody who smells vaguely like yam and is covered with a thin layer of turkey grease” (72). He made the statement to explain why Thanksgiving night must be the slowest for human sexual activity. With his humor he is able to get his point across educating us simultaneously. Barry uses this technique to make his reading more engaging to the readier as well. Sometimes this method is very risky because people can take his essay in the wrong way. For example, people can take his whole essay as just a joke. Nonetheless, Barry did a good job entertaining and educating us. In addition, Barry makes fun of himself. He proves his point admitting to stereotypes that happen in his own house. Barry…

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