Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of Stereotyping Essay

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Everywhere we go, we find ourselves stereotyping or being part of a stereotype. We find ourselves favoring one type over another and judging others because of their backgrounds, and what they look like. This has been going on ever since I can remember, and I feel like now more than ever, because of the recent wars, terrorist attacks, and horrible diseases that we hear about every day on the news. Stereotyping is a very negative habit and it has also succeeded to make its way into social acceptance. A lot of times, we see a group of blondes, together trying to act “dumb”, or a group of black people in the newspaper because they were part of a gang shooting. Personally, I take part in these stereotypes and biases every day of my life and in order to eliminate them from my life, I first must consider which I possess, why I have developed them, and how they affect my communication.
There are a few main stereotype groups that I feel like I have been placed into and that I place other people into. I am extremely shy and it can be hard to talk to new people, but this can make me seem stuck up and snobby. I also feel like skinny people are usually the ones who are looked at as pretty and they are noticed more. This has a huge effect on my life because I feel like I do not fit into that group and as hard as a try, I probably never will. I would say that I belong to a typical “white girl” group because I work at Starbucks and I love my leggings and boots. I also place…

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