Stereotypes And Discrimination Of Women Essay

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Every day, we all face discrimination and stereotypes. Stereotypes are generalizations made about a group of people that are usually negative. Stereotypes tend to affect some groups more than others; in particular, minorities face the most stereotyping and discrimination. Women face many stereotypes in the workplace that often lead to inequality and discrimination against women and greatly affect their potential in the long run. Prior to World War I and World War II, very few women were a part of the workforce in the United States. The primary focus of many women during these times was to be a wife and mother. During the wars, many positions became available as many men left to join the armed services. Women stepped up and filled the gap in the workforce. During the wars “women proved that they 're capable of working jobs typically employed by men to keep the economy running” (Giang par. 4). After the war, many women did not want to return to their domestic lifestyle. In the following years, there was a major increase in the number of women in the workforce. As depicted in the graph below, the percentage of women in the American workforce has grown steadily (see figure 1). In 1970, thirty-nine percent of the labor force in the United States and has grown to forty-seven percent in 2010 (“Fact Sheet”). The role of women in society has switched from being only the domestic caretaker to now being a member of the labor force as well.

Figure 1

Women can be found…

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