Steps in Criminal Investigation Essay

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Criminal Investigation

The Criminal Procedure and Investigation Principles of Investigation Shawntee Allen Liberty University Online

CJUS 420 Professor Ryan Zuidema May 6, 2013


An individual studying in criminal investigation needs to know and understand the four main principles dealing with Criminal Investigation. Knowing when and how to apply the principles is also important. The Principles start with the methods of inquiry, two is the mindset of the investigator and how to prepare yourself, three is the scientific methods, and four knowing the four primary sources of information and how to obtain them.
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The investigator can walk through the crime scene as many times as they need, to gather evidence and anything that will lead to the arrest of a suspect. Where did the Crime occur? Now that we know the crime occurred at the victim’s home, the entire home now becomes the crime scene inside and outside of the home and no one will be permitted to come within the crime scene unless it is law enforcement officials. It is very important that the crime scene is preserved and not contaminated (Osterberg and Ward). Photographs can be taken of the 4

crime scene, as well as sketches can be done for a layout of the crime scene. Keep in mind all information pertaining to a crime will and often time cannot be admitted in a court hearing so it is pertinent that the investigator can gather as much evidence as possible from the scene. Let’s delve into eyesight of a Christian and criminal procedure, the bible had many functions in history and still does today. It functions as the constitution and the codes of civil and criminal procedure but has been enhanced. Many of the laws that we have today originate from the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20,NLT Bible) but they have been enhanced more to accommodate with the crimes that are committed today. What Occurred? Investigators also have the opportunity to find out what occurred, and with the scenario given, it is obvious that a murder has occurred

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