Stephen R. Covey : A Framework For Personal Development And Effectiveness

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Stephen R. Covey provides a framework for personal development and effectiveness in this number one bestseller. The following is an elaborate and comprehensive summary of Covey’s key points of concern in the entire book.
Inside-out: The change starts within
Covey reviewed the 200 years of literature success while he working on his doctorate. He then noticed that all successful writings especially from 1920’s are characterized by a special focus on findings solutions to particular problems. This success is however attributed to possession of personal traits, techniques and skills that are critical in the making decisions.
However, in the over `150 years that preceded the period revealed literature to be more character oriented as opposed to any other trait. Literature as a distinct subject emphasized the deeper and concrete foundations and principles of what it takes. This philosophy is famously known as the Character Ethic. The elements of the Character Ethic are majorly primary traits while those that belong to the Personality Ethic are secondary. Covey illustrates the difference between the two by using an example of a person in Chicago using a map to find a given destination in the city. There’s no way one can find his direction to the city if they are using the map of Detroit. In essence, getting a proper map is the most important to finding the place quickly and conveniently.
The main problem that comes with depending on Personality Ethic is the fact that unless the…

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