Stephen King, The Running Man Essay

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Stephen,King, The Running Man, United States: Signet 1982

English Journal 1
Pg. 1-64
At the beginning of the novel it takes us through the daily routine of Ben Richards. It shows just how bleak his life is and begins to show us the divide between the rich and the poor. Richards explains that "every development had"(1) a free-vee and that "it was the law"(1) which shows that the games network is almost forcing their own idea of acceptable which is forcing their society to adapt to it. It explains the troubles that Richards is facing and becomes clear that there is no help for him. This helps to develop the theme that society is largely divided and not only by rich and poor but also by black and white. He develops his theme by showing
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Brad Williams

Stephen,King, The Running Man, United States: Signet 1982

English Journal 3 pg. 128-192
In this section Richards meets Bradley and his family which proves to be a great help to him in his journey. Bradley reveals to Richards that the air in the city is very bad for your health and that nose plugs are so expensive that only the wealthy can buy them. This delves back into the idea that the society is so largely divided and that there is no chance for the people on the lower end of the society. As Bradley explains to Richards "the free-vee is killing us"(132) and by this he means that the games network is slowly killing them by not telling them the truth. This relates back to the idea that society controls everything and this case society is the games network. As Richards flashes us back to his life he concludes that his life was one uphill climb as he explains the comments people made about him some of which included things like "Can you believe he was a wiper for sic years and knocked her up?"(157). In my opinion this brings us back to the more central theme that in life you will face hurdles and I think it's a good theme for King to use because everyone can relate to it. Next Bradley tells Richards that Laughlin who is the other contestant has been caught and killed and

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