Stem Cells And Its Effects On Society Essay

1209 Words Mar 7th, 2016 null Page
People live and breathe every day, never stopping to think about what they are: perfect machines called the human body. Well, only so perfect, as every creation is not without its flaws. Some flaws, however, can be remedied with a substance every person is born with: stem cells. Stem cells are very unique in their properties and political drawing, but questions still remain about stem cells and their affects on people and politics. Stem cells are a valuable resource with a potential to be marketed to numerous people, but questions and conflict arise when the topic is brought up: what are stem cells, how can they be used, and how do stem cells divide and impact a nation through politics and religion. Stem cells are an anomaly compared to the rest of the human body. Instead of conforming to a particular cell type, stem cells have the ability to change into any other type of cell (Marcovitz 15). There is also a misconception that stem cells are only derived from fetuses, but really, every person, young or old, has stem cells living inside themselves (Okarma 20). Stem cells were first discovered, but not identified, when scientists cut body parts off crayfish and hydra. The scientists found that the creatures would grow back missing body parts in time (Marcovitz 15). The scientist who first identified the cells and named them was Valentin Häcker (Marcovitz 17). When an embryo is being formed, it is a blastocyst, or a ball of cells. This ball of cells is full of…

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