Stem Cell Research : Stem Cells Essays

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Stem Cell Research

Stem cells are important because they have special properties that separate them from other cells. Some of those properties include their regenerative nature, this gives them the ability to regenerate and change as to adapt to the environment of any specialised cell. Stem cells also have the bailey to repair themselves and multiply to repair and replace other specialised cells and damaged tissues in the body (James 2009). Stem cells have there ability to change so create any kind of specialised cell. Stem cells can be found in two places; in the developing embryo, these are embryonic stem cells, and in the majority of adult tissues (Bone marrow, fat etc.), these are adult stem cells.
The difference between embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells is that adult stem cells have a more limited ability to adapt to different environments and change into other cells (Colin Edwards 2010). Embryonic Stem Cells are stem cells found in the inner cells of a human embryo, these stem cells have the ability to grow into every type of specialised cells, though through this process an embryo is destroyed (Thomas 2014). Fig. 1 This diagram shows stem cell application and the possible ways we can use stem cells to improve our way of life.
Stem cells are unspecialized cells that can take the form for any other specialised cell. A stem cell does not have a specific structure, it can be altered and changed to regenerate a certain tissue or cell body, this is one…

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