Stem Cell Research : Stem Cells Essay examples

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Stem cells are appearing on the news more and more. Although, in reality, do many people really know what a stem cell is, or how stem cells were discovered?
According to the National Institute of Health, stem cells are “cells with the ability to divide for indefinite periods in culture and to give rise to specialized cells” (“Stem Cell Basics”). In the beginning, different cells were found to have multipotent and pluripotent capabilities. It wasn’t until Canadian scientists, Ernest McCulloch and James Till, found evidence that human blood contains stem cells. Today, McCulloch and Till are given credit for the idea behind stem cell research (“History of Stem Cell Research - A Timeline”). Since McCulloch and Till’s discovery, stem cells have been used for many different purposes. Based on the newfound knowledge, it has arisen that stem cells are in a bit of a predicament. Arguments involving ethical issue revolve around embryonic stem cells. Views differ between religious leaders, politicians, and the everyday person. With increased knowledge, maybe the biased opinions can be swayed or even changed completely. A novel idea can now either be supported or deteriorated based on real facts, not just the media. Everyone has different views, but let the facts speak the truth and discover what really hides behind stem cell research. Factually figure out the benefits and risks of stem cell use. To be qualified a stem cell, many unique qualities are considered. One aspects is that…

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