Essay about Stem Cell Research And Its Effects On The Human Body

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Since 1868, when Ernst Haeckel, used the term, ‘stem cell’ to describe a single cell organism that acted as an ancestor to all living organisms, stem cells have become the focus for many medical researches (Children 's Hospital Boston). Several studies have shown that stem cells can cure many ailments that cannot be reversed with existing treatment and those that even lead to permanent damages of the human body. Existing studies have shown that stem cells can help to cure macular degeneration, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries, and certain cardiovascular problems (Young, 2014; Björklund et al., 2002; Hodgson et al., 2004; Keirstead et al., 2005). Advances of stem cell research has greatly increased the potential for uses of stem cells including for the purposes of producing full body organs upon request (Rippon and Bishop, 2004). Currently, the application of cell stem technologies is limited, primarily because of ethical, moral, and even legal hurdles. Stem cell research has been a controversial subject that elicits intense debates. So far, stem cell research has not been widely accepted because of the moral and ethical implication (Patil, 2014; Hyun et al., 2004). There are existing legal and ethical frameworks that attempt to address the issues about stem cell research and have provided boundaries and space within which scientists and other researchers can pursue their studies (Bjuresten and Hovatta, 2003; Bjuresten and Hovatta, 2003). Increased…

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