Supply Chain Management Application Essay

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Statement of Purpose I would love to express my greatest interest in joining the Master’s program in Supply Chain Management at Naveen Jindal School of Management. From my perspective, supply chain management is important for managing relationships with suppliers, contractors, clients, various teams including the likes of logistics, procurement, customer service, etc. to ensure the smooth running of the logistics process, and supply chain professionals are responsible for overseeing all the processes which occur within the overall supply chain, including the manufacturing and procurement processes, to improve the efficiency of resource usage and help companies to develop the long-term benefits. My interest …show more content…
I achieved a GPA of 4.0, which provides evidence of my extensive knowledge and my dedication to study. To be more specific, in Purchasing and Sourcing class, our team did a Scientific Glass, Inc.: Inventory Management Case. In this Case, we calculated the cheapest total distribution costs by using five different strategies and used third-party logistics provider We also built different warehouses that each of them serves one or more regions in United States. As a part of our result, we found that the difference between good distribution and bad distribution was 405,588 dollars each year. At end, our team had been ranked first in the world out of competitors who had played the game during the semester. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as it improved my skill in devising …show more content…
The lecture, given by experts and experienced professionals in this field, not only helped me to attain a better understanding, but also encouraged me to evaluate what I had to offer a company from the perspective of supply chain management. I also established some invaluable relationships during these activities and learned how to work effectively with people from different backgrounds. Furthermore, in terms of my career plan, I will work as a supply chain manager. Gaining a Master’s degree in supply chain management at Naveen Jindal School of Management will definitely help me to achieve my goal by providing me more advanced skills and in-depth knowledge to be applied in my future career, as Naveen Jindal School of Management is internationally renowned for its leading role and tremendous achievements in management area. Moreover, it has outstanding faculties who are leading scholars and industry practitioners with deep

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