Starting and Managing a Business Essay

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Starting and Managing a Business

Assignment 2 – Group based Assignment
January 2013 Presentation

1. Executive Summary

This document proposes the feasibility of opening a new Pet Lovers Centre Franchise outlet at the proposed recreational hub at the site of the former Parkland Golf Range in 2014. We see a need for more pet friendly facilities at East Coast Park and we believe that of all the pet franchises operating locally, Pet Lovers Centre has the most compatible business practices and values with our intended business.

With steady growth in both the pet population and pet product sales in Singapore, we are targeting the middle class segment primarily, with products priced between $1, up to $500.
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We may also look into setting up a pet only cafe as part of the services provided.

2.2 Value Proposition of Pet Lovers Centre Franchise

We love pets, and we want to create a new avenue that brings together pet lovers of all ages, and their pets, into one location for enjoyable, fun, healthy and safe interaction at the beach.

A new hub for pet related beach activities

There is a distinct lack of pet related services such as dog runs and other similar activities, with most people heading to East Coast Park for typical water sport activities, barbeques, cycling, and other healthy exercises. (SmartExpat, Notatourist, Nex Mall websites, retrieved Feb 2013) We think that it is about time that pets and their owners feel more welcome at one of Singapore's popular beach destinations, and we aim to popularise more pet friendly destinations at East Coast Park and become a common destination for pet lovers at the beach.

Reputation, reliability and price

Pet Lover's Centre is a well known and successful home grown franchise started in 1973, with a service philosophy of uniform, reasonable pricing, good service and integrated services across the whole spectrum of the pet care industry (Pet Lovers Centre Website, retrieved Feb 2013). As we share many of

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