Starting a Business Online Essay

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Assignment 2: Starting a Business Online, Part 2
Janice Monroe
Notre Dame University

May, 31, 2013

The Jersey Shore Clothing Company has been online a month and we have been offered the opportunity to sell our domain name to a competitor for $1000. It is a tempting offer.
With that being said we are just starting to become established as a web presence, and business has been steady. It is possible our competitor could use a different version of our domain name and redirect traffic that would come to our site to their site. The predicament of our competitor utilizing a similar site does not prevail over the fact that our established clients are already using our existing domain, and the amount of resources we put
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We are also adding email reminders for customers that select items to purchase and do not make a purchase within 24 hours, this will decrease shopping cart abandonment numbers, the email reminder will come with a 15% off a $75.00 purchase coupon to entice our customers to fill up their carts and take advantage of a discount. Our shopping cart starts the transaction process for our customer, and we have added some convenient features to the shipping and billing entry. Returning customers can store up to 50 previous recipients on the site and two billing addresses.
We will also be adding Bill Me Later and PayPal to our payment options for further convenience and security for our customers. Customers have requested we put PayPal on the site because they feel it is a more secure method of payment, and are less aggravation than having to input a credit card number and a security code. We hope these superfluities will make the check out and transaction processing smoother for the customer.
Our organization is also looking into adding a live chat option to give the customer a personal shopping experience with one our sales staff. Our site will also have easier to find links in order to find out facts about our company and our store location and contact information. We plan on having something for all types of shoppers, be someone just looking or a destination shopper. (Big Commerce, 2013)

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