Starry Night And Jackson Pollock's Number One

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Starry Night and Number One Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Jackson Pollock's Number One are two very well known paintings in the art world. Both of these pieces were painted by iconic artists who have impacted the arts, and essentially made it into what society knows it as today. Both Van Gogh and Pollock are admirable artists, especially for breaking the norms of their times with their abstract techniques. Both Starry Night and Number One were created in the 1800-1900’s time frame, and are considered contemporary pieces, because they were done using unprecedented techniques based on pervious characteristics of other time periods.
Starry Night was created in June of 1889, and according to the Khan Academy website, “Following the dramatic
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Starry Night displays an image of a semi-realistic summer night, assumingly in the 1880’s, considering that is when it was painted.. While the painting of scenery, and is constructed with both organic and geometric shapes and forms, the short curved strokes imply a majestic essence. The colors used in this piece, being a blue, yellow, and green triad, also add a calming mood. The calming mood, set by the colors, is enhanced by the vibrant, flowing motion that implies that the wind is blowing. The whole piece is very soothing, from the color palette used, to the continuous strokes that lead the viewer from one focal point to another. The piece was made with oil based paints on a canvas that was about twenty-nine inches by thirty-six and a quarter inches. Starry Night was not like your average painting during this time period. The brush techniques that Vincent Van Gogh used broke the norms of the art society during that time, stroke patterns like the once in Starry night were unprecedented and quite frankly, society didn't appreciate his style at the time. While the art society during Van Gogh's life did not appreciate his style,modern day art society admires it. In fact, many current artists have been inspired by the techniques used in Starry Night, and many artists have tried attempted to recreate the piece, or pieces that resemble it. Van Gogh’s piece Starry …show more content…
While Gogh and Pollock were not respected nearly as much as they should have been during their lives, modern society puts both artists on a pedestal and highly honors them because of the strange oddities that they were not recognized for while they were alive. Both Starry Night and Number One were pieces that were painted by iconic artists who have impacted the arts, and essentially made it into what society knows it as today. Works Cited
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