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c) I have observed some 400 to 500 customers visiting store in that period and found the following :

1) I have seen about 50-60 people end up their shopping and waiting at billing desk.

2) Many people doing their shopping at different departments.

3) Some people came for window shopping at clothing division.

Interaction with customers

I spoke with some customers in different departments randomly and I asked them some questions regarding their shopping at star bazaar. I came to know that many people who came to star bazaar are mainly for purchasing the daily needed goods i.e soaps, pastes, food products, groceries etc. and people who visited star bazaar on that day mainly working employees ,Consumers said that they visit star bazaar mainly during weekends as they will have free time. They also have said that they are mainly coming to star bazaar as they can found all the goods they want at one place and also the offers provided in star bazaar are good when compared to other super markets.

I found substitutes of many products for example Kellogs corn flakes was display next to it there was another corn flakes which is their own product (ie tata product) and also I found substitutes for many products like ketchup , pickles etc with their own brands. When I asked consumers about those substitutes many responded like they are not very much interested on those substituted products but some
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