Stanford Prison Experiment : Stanford Prisoner Experiment Essay

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Stanford Prisoner Experiment Dr. Paul Zimbardo was a physiologist at a Stanford University Professor. He took interest in the nature of prisoners and prison guards. He was interested in finding out if the brutality among prison guards was because of their personalities, or if it was a result of the prison environment. He hypothesized that it wasn 't the nature of the guards that made them brutal, it was the roles that they were expected to play that lead to their brutal and violent nature. To test his hypothesis Dr. Paul Zimbardo set up an experiment. He converted the basement of the psychology section in Stanford University into a replica of a jail. Then he found twenty-four young middle aged men to be a part of his experiment. Some of the men were asked to be guards while the other men were the prisoners. To begin the experiment the mock prisoners were unexpectedly arrested from their homes, brought to a police station where all formalities correlated to that have a real person being arrested. Their photos were taken, possessions were placed in a locker and they were blindfolded down to the mock jail. The guards were given uniforms with handcuffs and all other items that a real guard would have. From here the prisoners were to live the life of a real prisoner and the guards were given the same authority as real guards. The only exception was that there was no violence allowed, and if there was violence the experiment would be stopped. The…

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