Standpoint Theory Paper

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Standpoint Theory Paper

Racism is defined as the systematic subordination of certain racial groups by those groups in power . As a society, we must first eradicate ignorance in order to defeat racism. We must acknowledge that people have different ways of viewing the world and that even though someone may have a different opinion than you, it is not necessarily wrong. The idea that people have different ways of viewing the world stems from standpoint theory. Standpoint theory is based on the concept that people view the world differently depending on their social standing . A central theme of standpoint theory is that a person’s racial and or ethnic background deeply impacts how they view and interact with the world . Racial
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Whenever I interact with a person from a different race or ethnic group I look at it as an opportunity to learn something about a different culture or way of thinking. Even though I try to look at every interracial/interethnic interaction as a positive one, there have been times where these interactions have turned into negative ones. One of the earliest incidences of ignorance and racism I experienced was in middle school. I remember being in Geography class learning about the continent of Africa, specifically the country of Niger. We were watching a movie about a boy who lived in a hut and had to herd cattle across a river as a rite of passage. Since everyone in class knew I was Nigerian, everyone in class assume that I had gone through this ritual. They then used this as an opportunity to ask me ridiculous questions like: do you run with lions? Do you swing from tree to tree and do you live in a hut? Naturally I was very upset because this view of Africans that my classmates presented was not what my parents had taught me. Besides, I was born in the United States and grew up there just like many of my other classmates. The worst part of that situation was that my teacher didn’t even correct my classmates. To me, that entire situation is a perfect example of how ignorance leads to racism. Another negative racial experience that I will never forget occurred while I was in my sophomore year of high school. I had gone down to

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