Standards and Nursing Audit: a Tool for Quality Management” Essay

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The discipline of Nursing is an art and science committed to professional excellence by providing highest quality care possible . Quality of care is determined by identifying the observable characteristics that depict desired and valued degree of excellence and the expected, observable variations.

The quality of nursing care can be managed both by evaluating the degree of excellence of results of delivered care and by taking action for the improvements that in future will result in high degree of care. The standards maintained and the nursing audit conducted hence, become the important tools for the quality management.

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These standards describe highest quality of practices. For example, standards set by professional bodies, standards for the recruitment of nurses working in any setting. Empirical Standards: These standards are description of practices which are actual practice in large number of settings and which are agreed upon and achievable. For example, standards set by law enforcement bodies and regulatory bodies. End standards: These are patient oriented; they describe the change as desired in a patient’s physical status or behavior. Means Standards: These are nursing oriented; they describe the activities and behavior to achieve ends standards.

FRAMES OF REFERENCE FOR STANDARDS Structure Standards: These are institution oriented and related to care providing system and resources that support for actual provision of care. They include the following: Physical facilities, building, etc. Policies, goals and objectives. Staffing members: training, qualification, job responsibilities. Equipment and supplies. Administrative setup and channel of communication. Recording system. Budgeting. Structure standards already exist, though not proved ideal scientifically.

Process Standards: These are nursing oriented and referred to the behavior and actions which a nurse should carryout. Here focus is on nursing standards technique and procedures e.g. planning, implementation, nurses interaction, client’s participation, communication and recording. Process

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