Essay on Standardized Tests Are Hurting Education

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Standardized Tests Are Hurting Education
“According to the 2015 PDK/Gallup Survey of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools, 64 percent of Americans (and 67 percent of public school parents) say there is ‘too much emphasis on testing,’” says Tim Walker in the article “Poll: Americans Want Less Standardized Testing and More School Funding.” This statistic shows how the American public is sick of testing and there are many reasons why they do. Standardized testing for high schools students is hurting their education because it puts excessive stress on students, it narrows the learning curriculum, and it does not accurately measure the intelligence of students.
Standardized tests are something all American students will take throughout their school career. However, the number of standardized tests that students are required to take has sharply increased in the recent years. In the article “Do Students Take Too Many Tests? Congress To Weigh Question”, author Kimberly Hefling states, “Preliminary research by the Council of the Great City Schools… found that students take an average of 113 standardized tests between pre-K and 12th grade.” This amount of standardized tests that American students have to take is ridiculous. There is no need for these many tests and they have such negative effects on students. Having to take so many tests that are very important for their school career and future can put too much pressure on students and this can in turn cause increasing…

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