Standardized Testing Should End. Essay

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Standardized Testing Should End
What is a standardized test? A standardized test is any form of test that (1) requires all test takers to answer the same questions, or a selection of questions from a common bank of questions, in the same way, and that (2) is scored in a “standard” or consistent manner, which makes it possible to compare the relative performance of individual students or groups of students (Abbott). Standardized tests are given out across America and even in some other countries. Testing is usually given to students to measure their overall performance. According to Project Appleseed, standardized tests can help teachers and administrators make decisions regarding the instructional program. The school districts in each state are able to compare their student performances with other schools from that state because each state’s school districts give out the same test; this way they can compare them. It’s supposed to help not just the teachers, but even the schools and school systems to know, how much their students know and which subjects need improvement. But these standardized tests don’t measure intelligence because testing anxiety makes it harder, they only test for a good memory, and this form of testing is outdated.
First, for those who don’t know what testing anxiety is, it can be best defined as, “test anxiety is the psychological, physiological, and behavioral responses associated with concern about experiencing negative outcomes as a result of…

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